Opening a School During a Pandemic

Who knew? Who knew that the year we decided to change the path of education for our children would be the same one that millions of parents around the world abruptly and involuntarily had to change the path of education for theirs?

Despite all of the sadness and grieving in the world, despite all of the panic and fear, despite all of the conspiracy theories and skeptics, the world is different now. The whole world around us has changed. And the world of education has not been left out.

So here we go.

Now more than ever, the one-room school house, micro school model is making a way. In years past, every summer was enjoyed to the fullest until right before the start of another school year and the excitement and anticipation of what a new school year brings – finding out your new teacher’s name, buying new school clothes, seeing which friends would be in your class, shopping for school supplies.

This year, parents have been on edge all summer. Let’s be honest, they’ve been on edge since last spring. The moment everyone found out that learning would take place virtually, you could almost hear the entire planet sigh. Not a sigh-of-relief sigh, a sigh of fear, uncertainty, disappointment, and disgust. It’s been heartbreaking to watch.

But now, just as a new year should be ramping back up, there are new questions, with unsettling or unknown answers. The polarizing topic of “What are you going to do?” when referring to your choice for your children to return to school or not is almost unapproachable. People do not want the virus to infect their children or any other family members, but they also do not want the precautions put in place because of the virus to have a negative impact either. It’s a hard call. A tough choice.

And here we go.

We can hold heartbreak for the situation of others and eagerness for where we are on our own journey. Both can exist in our hearts. And while we are praying with those that are unsure of what the best option is for their own families, we have, without a doubt, found the best option for ours.

Acton Academy at Fall Creek will be serving children ages four through twelve this year and every year after. We plan to launch our Middle School next year and our Launchpad (traditionally called High School) two years after. We are on our own hero’s journey. We have answered the call and are so excited to trek through the journey up ahead. We know there will be setbacks and difficulties along the way, every hero’s journey has them, but through it all, we plan to persevere and provide our children (and yours) the best education the world has to offer, especially now.

Welcome to our blog! It won’t be long before you hear from the perspective of some of our heroes, but until then, I’ll keep you updated on all that we encounter.

Much Love to You and Yours,

Lyndie Metz, Co-founder and Head of School, Acton Academy at Fall Creek

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