Best School Ever!

Hi I am Riley! I am a sixth grader Acton Academy. I’m writing the blog for this week.

So here we go… The first day at Acton Academy at Fall Creek was unlike any first day I’ve ever had! When I arrived, I wasn’t rushed to say goodbye to my family. The guides were very welcoming and were interacting with the students. When they escorted me inside I hung up my things and then I was expecting them to say, “Have a seat at a desk and we will do introductions.” Instead they said, “We are having free time and will do introductions in a couple minutes!” At that point, I knew it was going to be a good year!

After introductions we went to the park! I never thought I would go to the park on a regular basis at school. When we got back from the park we had lunch and afternoon launch where we talked about how our day went so far and the sparks and elementary studios separated. ES talked about this super cool thing called Lip Dub, something that every Acton Academy does.

Then it was time for studio maintenance where everyone divides into three different groups to clean the studio from windows to the outside floors. After that we went outside with our things and we played a game and dismissed. That was the best first day ever!!

The next day we talked about making our Acton academy rules. We settled on these promises:

We promise to treat the studio like it’s a sacred space.

We promise to speak only with kindness, encouragement, and truth.

We promise to never distract others or ourselves.

We promise to think of others before we act.

And those are the four rules of Acton Academy at Fall Creek.

I would like to cover one last thing before I end this blog. I have had many people ask me if I ever get annoyed or aggravated because I go to school with so many little kids. My answer to that question is NO, and here’s why – sure it would be nice to have a couple more people my age that go to Acton Academy at Fall Creek, but it is Week Two Day Four of Acton, and I am so glad I go to school with each and every hero. I’ve made many friends here at Acton and I cannot wait to continue my journey together with them!

One response to “Best School Ever!”

  1. Mrs. Rachelle Lipford Avatar
    Mrs. Rachelle Lipford

    Riley – I’m so happy you are enjoying your new school!


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