Building a Tribe

Since the beginning of August, twenty-four brilliant and resilient children have been gathering for the sake of making the world a better place by discovering how God made each one and how we can all work together to bring out the best in others. It has been a beautiful mess, one that I have enjoyed observing. And in the quiet moments of our day (there are few) or in the moments where I look around and every child is smiling or laughing and having a good time, the Holy Spirit whispers, “What if you didn’t say YES.”

You see, the decision to launch Acton Academy was not a reaction to a pandemic, it was a calling way before COVID, a calling that God has equipped me for since I was a little girl myself. By the time all schools started going virtual back in March, we already knew where we would begin and who was taking the journey with us. We had a full studio before others went into panic mode. Yet even in that, some destined families reached out, catapulted by their own circumstances, that have always questioned a better way, but didn’t know where to look.

So here we are, several weeks into our school year, and the tribe that is building is incredible. They are allowing everyone to be unique. They are encouraging others to do their best. They are reminding others of safety and good decisions. They are playing a lot and learning so much about having patience and grace for others. They are taking care of the wounded among them. They are making peace with each other. They are being challenged by their own habits, ones that may bring ants into the studio or have their friends play with someone else for a little bit. And it is all so very beautiful.

Lessons I have already learned from the geniuses I get to hang out with…

  1. Live happy – there is no reason to worry or doubt yourself, just do the best you can and have fun
  2. Be a best friend to everyone – why not? God put us here to love others, so love others.
  3. Speak up – when you have a bad feeling, let someone know, talk through it, find a resolution
  4. Be trustworthy – live in such a way that others see that they can trust you
  5. Love and care for all of God’s creations – children, adults, bugs, trees, flowers, frogs, geese, ALL

We tackle the academics, too. But those are easy skills to master. Lots of adults are running around that aced calculus or chemistry, but some don’t know how to be decent people. I am finding that the easiest work is the stuff that traditional schools spend the most time on. The hardest, most meaningful work is learning how to love others and yourself so that you can do what God has called you to do in the way that He has called you to live.

Go have a great day! Learn something new!

Lyndie Metz, ES Guide, Acton Academy at Fall Creek

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